TT Bars-Gold and Silver Live Shop Testing - Inductotherm Group India

TT Bars-Gold and Silver Live Shop Testing

Induction Horizontal Tunnel Furnace (IHTF)

A live test of TT Bars for Gold and Silver was witnessed by customer in our Sanand manufacturing shop. It was a treat to watch how the granules and small cut pieces were converted in bars in our Horizontal Tunnel Furnace.

Tunnel  furnaces allow many small cast bars to be manufactured at the same time. The gold / silver is placed in a bar mold of the required size. Several molds, grouped together, are then fed into an induction furnace for melting at a controlled temperature. when the gold/ silver has melted, the molds are then pushed gradually through a cooling tunnel through an automated system with a digital display system.

Solidification and subsequent cooling occur in a protective atmosphere. When the molds exit the tunnel, the small cast bars with shining surfaces are removed.