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Vortex™ Hood- Inductotherm’s Solution for Maximum Fume Extraction

A Better Way to Capture Fumes During All Phases of Furnace Operation


Inductotherm’s high velocity fume  extraction hood – Vortex™ hood is designed for induction furnace applications to extract fumes more effectively during various operations such as charging, slagging, temperature taking, sampling, melting, holding, pouring and lining push out.

The Vortex™ extraction hood is hydraulically operated with a telescoping duct and internal electrical interlocking sensors. The telescopic duct provides a stationary connection to the plant duct work regardless of the furnace or hood position.

The Vortex™high- velocity extraction hood offers greater flexibility since it incorporates two independently operated cylinders. these cylinders allow the hood to have a greater range of movement to allow a better access during a wide range of both operational and maintenance tasks.

Better collection efficiency results in cleaner air for a better work environment. Some applications create more smoke than others which require high-velocity hoods. Our Vortex™ extraction hood is ideal for when these fumes need to be contained and controlled. For further details click here